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XL Bullys and the ba

posted on 28 December 2023 | posted in Blog

Training your XL Bully.

As we know the XL Bully will be added to the banned breeds list on the 31st of December. Whether we agree with it or not it is happening and XL Bully owners need to have done all the necessary to prepare so they can keep their pets. It is very important to do this and follow the rules.

Information on this can be found on this link.

XL Bully type dogs to be banned - GOV.UK

The good news is that some insurance companyís will still allow XL Bullys to attend one-to-one training under certain conditions.

Although nothing can be guaranteed, training your dog in case something goes wrong will give you a better chance of keeping your dog safe and getting them back very quickly.

A useful training exercise might be to teach the dog to stop if you ever dripped the lead by accident, or you fell over andn dropped the lead or the dog lead, collar or harness broke.

There many other training exercises that would be a very good thing for your dog to learn and be trained to a high standard.

Enrich their lives by teaching them to find hidden toys, scent, and articles. They are great at learning tricks which gives them lots of mental stimulation.

Food rewards can still be given while the dog is wearing a cage muzzle. It might take a bit of practice for the owner.and the food might need to be cut up a bit bigger to make it easier to handle, but I donít think a XL Bully will mind about that!

We can do all this in private sessions as long as we follow all the rules set by the government and our insurance companies.

Bully breeds are in general intelligent and very trainable. It can give owners great pressure and they have lots of fun training them.

Get in touch with me if you would like any more information about training or to book a private session for you and your XL bully.

Kind regards

Karen Landon KCAI (cd)



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