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Many dog's are scared of fireworks it can be a serious problem and very distressing for the dog and owner. This time of year can be very traumatic for dogs and cats. The loud 'bangs" and flashes of light can cause terrible stress and anxiety. It is the time of year which dog and cat owners dread.

Here is some advice to help you and your pet cope. If left unaddressed even mild firework phobia or fear can become worse over time. Pets can become scared of the slightest sound and have a sudden response.

Signs that your pet has a fear or phobia are-
If you pet is behaving like this you need to do what you can to help them to feel safe.
Other ways to help-
Desensitize your dog to the sound of fireworks by using a sound cd. This can be effective if used correctly and with extreme care. Used incorrectly either to loud or to close to the dog and you cold make matters worse. Contact me for advice.

There are various herbal remedies and over the counter calming tablets, sprays and plug ins that can help. I have used some of these for my dogs and found them very effective. These are sold in pet shops and veterinary practices.
Thunder shirts and comfort jumpers can also help.

Get in touch for more help and advice. Mia fireworks

Karen Landon Adip cbm, KCAI (cd)


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