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    >> Good Citizen Dog Scheme
    >> Churnet Valley dog Training Agility Classes
    >> Prices & Times
    >> Training classes for puppies classes in Staffordshire
    >> Liver Cake recipe
    >> Keep your dog safe though the firework season.
    >> Clicker and Nosework classes
    >> Churnet valley Dog Training Progression Awards.
    >> Private dog training course
    >> Nosework Evening
    >> Canine First Aid seminar practical and theory.
    >> Introduction to Canine Behaviour by Angela White KCAI (FelloIntroduction to C, ObA , BehA
    >> Dog Behavior Consultations
    >> Onecote Village Hall Trust Companion Dog Show 2017


    >> Dog Agility Classes for fun
    >> Clicker and Target Training
    >> Seminar
    >> Basic Training and Behaviour
    >> Puppy Classes
    >> KC Good Citizen Dog Scheme
    >> Tracking