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Dog training in your home

Training at home

Private dog training course personalized for your own specific needs. Ideal for people wanting to train with professional help and guidance but other commitments mean they can't attend training classes or they prefer to do it this way so they get individual attention. Idea for people who want the added benefit of training in natural environments. Sometimes classes are full so this is a great way to get started while waiting for a space.

Common problems dog owners have are

Pulling on the lead.

Not coming back when called.

Jumping up and getting over excited when people come into the house.

Or you may have a young puppy you want to start training early, which is a very good idea!

Have a training session where you need your dog to behave the most which is usually at home and on walks. I will teach you in your house and when your dog is ready I'll go for a walk with you so you can train in the place where you most need your dog to behave properly.

If your dog already has a good level of training you might like to learn something new like scent work or clicker training.

Home sessions from 35.00.There may be travel costs depending on how far I need to travel.

Give me a ring to discuss your requirements as every dog is different. Or use the contact form to email me.

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