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Training classes for Puppies

All welcome to join my small friendly classes for young puppies and older progressing puppies.

Puppy classes for puppies are held at Kingsley village hall, Kingsley ST10 2AF on Wednesday evenings at 6pm and progressing puppies at 7pm.

Training a dog starts when they are young puppies and continues for the adult dogs life.

Many reports and case history's support the value of early training and socialization to help prevent serious behavioral problems in adult dogs. Problems such as fearfulness, aggression, excessive barking and separation anxiety.

It is very important to start training and socializing puppies when they are young.

Puppy class 2012puppypuppy

Puppy classes are the best start to give a puppy.
Socialization in a different environment is a big advantage.

Advice on prevention of behavior problems
Gives support to owners of puppies.
Chance to spot potential problems.

Guidance on what to expect during the puppies behavior development stages.
Gives a good Introduction to training and sows the seeds for future learning.

Puppies can come to class as soon as they are vaccinated and it is safe to do so.

I run the Kennel club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Puppy Foundation Course. It gives your puppy a really good start.


In class you will learn how to teach your puppy to - puppy

  • Respond to name
  • Sit, lie down and Stand
  • Come when called
  • Stay in one place
  • Play - I will show you games to play with your puppy
  • Give up an article
  • Walk nicely on a lead
  • Allow you to handle him/her
  • Leave
  • Sit nicely to greet a person
  • Go to bed
  • prevent jumping up
  • Stop
  • We also talk about topics such as, chewing, teething and biting, how to teach Settle- home alone, safety around children,exercise for the puppy up to 12 months, and house training, feeding.
puppy 2

We talk about how to safely and thoroughly socialize your puppy so he/she grows up to be a confident and well mannered dog.

I will talk to you about graduating to the next level after this course.

Karen KCAI (cd) IABTC certificate Puppy Parties and Teaching Puppy Classes.

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Clients who had a one to one session with me before coming to puppy class wrote this review -

We found the session extremely useful & were surprised how much we were able to get through.
Thank you for taking the trouble to write up such comprehensive notes which we are sure we will be able to follow perfectly.
We are all looking forward to the puppy classes at the end of the month but in the meantime we will all try to practise your instructions
Thanks also for the information on Oscars.
Kind regards,
Sheelagh & Mike


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