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Common problems people have with their dogs.

Angela White KCAI (Fellow) CDA , ObA , BehA is coming to Staffordshire to give another seminar.

Common problems people have with their dogs.

Angela White KCAI (Fellow) CDA , ObA , BehA presents  common problems people have with their pet dogs

On Sunday the 24th of May 9.30 am to start at 10 am  4.30pm.

At Biddulph Moor Village hall.

Angela White KCAI (Fellow) CDA , ObA , BehA . The instructors instructor, is founder and principal lecturer of IABTC. She is a highly experienced handler, instructor, behaviourist, lecturer, judge, assessor and author of numerous qualifications, courses, books and articles on dog training and behaviour. She has KCAI accreditation at the advanced level in Behavioural Training, Companion Dog Training, Competitive Obedience and was the first (and currently the only) person to be awarded Fellowship of KCAI.'

Angela is a motivating speaker; she delivers her lectures with enthusiasm and humour. Richly knowledgeable in the subject of dog behaviour she has helped numerous people with their dogs using only kind positive methods.

The seminar will include talking about the following subjects, practical demonstration with dogs and video.

7 Jumping up: on owners, visitors to the house and when meeting people on walks.

7 Aggression and reactivity to other dogs.

7 Resource guarding.

7 Excessive pulling on a lead and lunging forward towards people/animals/smells etc.

7 Excessive barking in the house, garden, the car, during a walk or while doing dog sports.

Early bird tickets available up to the 24th of April, #35.00 KCAI members #30.00. After the 24th of April tickets will be #45.00, KCAI members #40.00.

Dogs can be with you in the hall, please dont bring barky dogs. Dogs must be good with people and other dogs. No dogs in hot cars.

Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided, bring a packed lunch.

Attendance certificates will be given to those who want them.

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