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Churnet Valley Dog Training classes in Staffordshire.

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Churnet Valley Dog Training

Saturday the 28th of July, eight week courses of one hour a week - 9am progressing puppy & beginner dog class, 10am KCGCDS, 11.15am KCGCDS and actively class. At Onecote Village Hall.

New course Kingsley Village Hall, six week courses of one hour a week 10.30 am the 4th of July.

New course Kingsley village hall, eight week courses of one hour a week Wednesday 25th of July. 6pm Puppy course for young puppies, 7 pm adult dog training and KCGCDS

Agility at Lodge Farm, Monday 18th of June 7 pm & 8 pm.

Tracking class for beginners and experienced dogs and people Thursday the 19th of July.

'Using kind, positive methods of training for your dog'

Karen Landon ADip cbm, IABTC approved instructor, IABTC C&T 2

Specializing in Pet Dog Obedience Training and Behavior Modification.

'All Breeds Welcome'

Special offer three one to ones for 90.00, travel and hall hire expenses may be added.

Classes held at Onecote Village hall, Douse Lane, Onecote near Leek ST13 7RU , Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire and Kingsley Village hall, High Street Kingsley, ST10 2AE


Eight week pet dog obedience courses of one hour a week

Dog training


One to one's are available at various times to suit.

New - private dog training courses, see page for details.

Agility at Lodge Farm, Wetley rocks Monday at 7pm and 8pm. New course starts on Monday the 16th of April. Limited places so book soon.


Clicker class watch out for dates and venue.

Learn how to use a clicker as a marker for the dogs behavior. A clicker is a great tool for all aspects of training.

Behavioral consultations and one to one training at a time and location to suit.

Phone Karen - 01538 703568 between 10am - 4pm, 6.30 pm - 8 pm. Monday too Friday Or email me:

GC class

Kind positive reinforcement method of training.

See customer reviews in the products section.

Tracking class are held through the summer months.

Tracking 2012

Please speak to me before paying for a course, to check for available places and which course is suitable for you. 01538 703568

"When you come to class, please wear sensible clothes and shoes no high heels or flapping coats. Please bring tit-bits, a silent toy not a ball and a blanket or mat for your dog to lie on in class while you are listening. Bring your dog wearing a normal flat collar or martingale collar, harness or headcollar

At Churnet Valley Dog we arenice to our dogs. We aim to enhance the relationship with our dogs by usingkind methods of training. We reward our dogs when they get it right withappropriate rewards for that dog such as treats and play and always voicepraise to put ourselves into the reward. We make the exercises achievable bybreaking them down into small parts so the dog feels some success and keepstress levels low. We set our dogs up for success and make progress when thedog is ready. We want our dogs to enjoybeing in class and want to do the training exercises.

Hitting, shouting at,pushing, shoving, dragging, or any other forceful behaviour which could do harmto a dog will not tolerated it is unnecessary and causes stress and fear notonly to your dog but to others in the class. Clients who do it will be advisedand taught a better way but repeat offenders will be asked to leave. No shock collars, prongcollars or harnesses with prongs, choke chains, spray cans, rattle cans or anyequipment which has the potential to do harm both physical and mental to a dogare allowed in class or endorsed for any use. If clients turn up with any of these the willhave to take them off, they will advised of more appropriate equipment and thepotential harm these things can do will be explained."

"My policy for paying for courses is that the course must be paid for in full before or on the first class. Missed classes can be taken in other classes. If you cannot attend the first class and haven't paid you must contact me and arrange to pay, if not I will fill your space. This way enables me to organize the classes, keep them small and keep the course prices down. Late payments on week two must be cash, paypal, or bank transfer. "

IABTC Pet Dog Training Instructor - (Practical Competence) certificate
IABTC Puppy Parties and Puppy Training certificate
Diploma in Canine Behavior and Psychology

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