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Remote learning in your home

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Setting up a video link is easy to do and saves time and traveling so is a bit cheaper than a home visit.
The dog or puppy can learn in the familiar environment of their own home.
It is very effective just as good as a home visit.
Has the same advantages as a home visit, you can do the training which is most important to you personally and ask questions that you might not want to ask in a class.
It can be set up at a time to suit you, all the family can be there and be included.

You can have a training session with me no matter where you live.

Zoom and WhatsApp are very popular.

You need to set up your phone, laptop or computer so I can can see you clearly. I will tell you when we start if you we need to reposition it.

Mia puppy

Have plenty of small pieces of food ready for food rewards and a toy.
Have the dog or puppy on the lead ready to start.

The clicker training IABTC awards are possible to achieve by video link.

Mia on stool

Send me your email address so I can email notes and handouts to you afterwards.
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