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andrew, Leek1010101026 December  2011
I`ve been attending CVDT for just over a year now and have never been disappointed. The service, teaching and experience are all exemplary. I hope to continue using them for a very long time and frequently find myself recommending them to others.
Georgina, Sheffield1010101013 September  2012
Rebecca, Leek1010101017 February  2017
Excellent class with attentiveness to all dogs.
Thank you Becky, it is important that everyone in the class gets individual attention.
Claire, Stoke-on-trent1010101010 April  2017
We really enjoy the agility classes and would highly recommend them. Katie has done an amazing job helping us to progress.
Thank you Clare, I'm glad you are enjoying. I'll pass this on to Katie.
francis, stoke-on-trent10109921 October  2014
Thoroughly enjoyable we really look forward to the training which is presented superbly by our trainer
Lisa, stoke on trent999910 December  2013
Really good and received really quickly. Good communication Thank you
adele, stoke-on-trent999927 January  2014
gaynor, leek777818 July  2016

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Training classes for Puppies.
We found the session extremely useful and were surprised how much we were able to get through.
Thank you for taking the trouble to write up such comprehensive notes which we are sure we will be able to follow perfectly.
We are all looking forward to the puppy classes at the end of the month but in the meantime we will all try to practise your instructions
Thanks also for the information on Oscars.
Kind regards,
Sheelagh and Mike
star star star star star
Kennel club Good Citizen Dog Scheme - 8 week course
First I`d like to thank Karen. There are so many good things about dog training my review could be in danger of getting too long.

Teddy and Ollie my two chihuahuas are complete opposites, Teddy is reserved and quiet, Ollie - well - High Energy. But they have both benefited greatly and I have learned so much about them and myself.

I was so proud when Teddy got his silver award, but for me the most precious moment on Saturday was standing with a group of well balanced dogs who seemed so comfortable with each other and who have all come on such a long way.

On a practical note, great venue and times. Karen`s teaching style is genuine, quiet and positive, and it is a safe environment to introduce dogs to each other and new things. The kennel club examiners have been lovely, considerate and 
professional, and not at all intimidating.
Paula Salt
star star star star star
Training classes for Puppies.
I started the puppy class with my 14 week old Miniature Schnauzer puppy dog Bauer a few months ago. The classes were friendly, fun, informative and the classes not too big, so Karen had time for everyone. My boy really enjoyed them, he knew it was Saturday and he was going training.

He is now almost 7 months and an intelligent little rouge, but his basic training is good and he shows all of my friends dogs up with his good behaviour and little tricks he can do for a bit of liver cake!!

We have taken a break from class as we have our first shows coming up and have to go to ring class. I am glad of the good foundation Karen has taught both Bauer and I, as some of the handling I have seen at ring craft is ruff and dominance based. Where with Karen you will learn a calm, positive way to communicate and train your dog and your dog will happily respond.

I totally recommend Karen for all your dog training needs and Bauer and I will be back for the next course soon.

star star star star star
Kennel club Good Citizen Dog Scheme - 8 week course
I brought my 5 year old golden retriever to the class after years of him pulling on the lead after other dogs and not listening to a word I said. Fortunatley, the help and guidance I recieved helped me understand my dog better and we have a much more positive relationship and clearer understanding between each other. I was so proud when we achieved both the Bronze and Silver awards first time. We`re now working hard for our gold. I`m so glad I found a course that helped improve both my life and my dogs life for the better. I`ll continue with the classes even after we (hopefully) pass.
Kate Lea
star star star star star
Kennel club Good Citizen Dog Scheme - 8 week course
Customer Name: John Hopwood
When we had our rescue dog Tyler 12 months ago he was bouncing off the walls, no one wanted to be his owner.He really was rock bottom. However with your help and encouragement at the training sessions, we now have a happy well behaved (most of the time)dog.tyler now has his bronze and silver good citizen dog scheme awards and now going for gold.This was an impossible dream when we first started.We found the classes friendly and informative.The group supports each other,as we have all had problems with our dogs training.Life is now good for Tyler,people can`t believe he`s the same dog.Karen,we can`t thank you enough,gold here we come.

John Hopwood
star star star star star
Kennel club Good Citizen Dog Scheme - 8 week course
My 11 month old Labradoodle and I have successfully achieved our Bronze an Silver awards and we`re now working towards Gold.

We were a `pack` of 2 adults, a teenager, a 7 year old and a rabbit so when he arrived last Christmas we needed to ensure that we worked towards having a well rounded, even tempered dog to fit into our busy family life!

The training is good for both dog and owner. The tasks learned can be put to good use in everyday life and the regular contact with other dogs and owners has been invaluable during our first year.

People regularly comment on his good behaviour and temperament for his age.

I would advise any dog owner to give it a go!
Maxine Rowland
star star star star star
Kennel club Good Citizen Dog Scheme - 8 week course
My dog and I have completed all 3 courses of the scheme and successfully achieved our Gold Test at the end.

As my dog was born deaf I was advised he could have become either extremely withdrawn and isolated, or a complete out-of-control hooligan.

The training we received on all the courses have ensured he is neither. He is a happy, well adjusted dog and he is a pleasure to take out and about.

This scheme gives a real good grounding for any pet dog and owner.
E Walton
star star star star star

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