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Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme

The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme is Britain's largest and most recognised dog training scheme. The aim is to promote responsible dog ownership.

The scheme provides the owner with a goal to work towards. It encourages good habits to practice the training in-between classes so progress is made.

Clyde off lead walk

Starting with the puppy foundation course it goes on to Bronze, Silver and then Gold. Becoming more challenging asyou go through the scheme. It is challenging but is achievable for most. All breeds can do it.

Gill off lead walk

I believe that doing this training scheme rewards you with a better trained dog. You get a certificate from the Kennel Club which is given out to successful candidates after the test. Those who are unsuccessful that time can take the test again after working for a bit longer.


Carol & Claire

It's enjoyable to do, you will train exercises that you most likely wouldn't have trained if you hadn't come to class. You will learn a lot of training and also about behavior, dogs needs, dog law, etc that we all need to know.

Clients who have done the scheme often say how much it has helped then in everyday life.

Harmony and gate


Imformation about the scheme and the exercises it includes are on the Kennel Club Website.

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