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Video link dog training

A new venture to be added to the variety of dog training options is Dog Training Zoom Sessions.

The sessions I have done this way have been successful. I can see and hear the person and dog very well. All the dogs have improved in some way which shows that doing this can work very well.

Zoom is easy to set up, I just send you an invitation with the date and time on it and you click on the link. You will need to download it before we start.

The advantages of having a dog training lesson by video link are :


We can also use a zoom session for people who attend courses when we start again and might miss a class. People on courses can also use it if they want me to check something they are doing.

Ideal for getting your young puppy started before he or she has completed their vaccinations and can't go out yet.

The price is 20.00 for an hour.

A client has written this review about on-line training sessions...

"Zoom Puppy Training

We have been taking part in Karen's online puppy training-, with great success. Karen is very welcoming and we have learnt so much already. We have been really surprised by how useful the online sessions are. Each week we receive tailored advice and have a chance to talk about any issues we are having and the practical part is really enjoyable too! We would highly recommend Karen, a true professional with immediate results for our little pup."


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