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Clicker and Nose work classes

Clicker training and nosework classes at
Kingsley village hall, High Street, Kingsley, ST10 2AE.

All two hours long including a few minutes break to take your dog outside and to have a brew.

Starting at 7 pm and finishing at 9 pm.

£12 each payable in advance please. It might be possible to pay on the night but get in touch to check there is a place. Pay on the day is£15.

No disruptive dogs please, all dogs must be good with other dogs and people.

Bring treats, a water bowl, clicker if you have one silent toys and a mat/bed to each class.

Clicker training – I will teach you the proper way to use a clicker for good results. Experienced clicker trainers or those who have been before will be taught how to securer and strengthen the training already done, plus adding new behaviours using shaping and training with a target stick.

Nosework – I will teach you how to get your dog to find articles using his/her nose. Dogs love it as they can do this very well already it's just a matter telling them we want them to do it and getting it on que. Wewill start dogs on finding a scent and eventually indicating that they have found it. You will be able to do this on your own to provide some enrichment for your dog.

All classes are good fun and fascinating to see your dog learning and trying things out. Both activities can be tiring for the dog as it makes them use their brain. It's also great for bonding with your dog.

28th February- Clicker training.

28th of March- Nose work

25th of April – Clicker training

30th of May - Nosework

27th of June – Clicker training

Karen IABTC Clicker and Target Training Level Two.

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