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Churnet Valley Dog Training Progress Certificates.

Progress Certificates of your dog's training. These certificates are given to those who can do the various exercises during one or more courses. There is no scary test day!
They are challenging and fun to do. All the exercises are essential training for your dog.

• There is no set time to complete the exercises.
• When you are ready we will look at the exercise and tick it off if it's successful.
• Food and toys can be carried during the exercises as a motivator and reward but not to be used as a lure.
• No harsh handling!

Churnet Valley Dog Training Basic training achievement certificate

1. Road walk – dog to be able to walk nicely on the lead along the road without pulling. Occasional tight lead is acceptable. Walk for about 30 paces with a left and right turn. Dog must not be unduly bothered by traffic, people or other dogs. Owner must observe the highway code.
2. Gate – go through a gate under control, without the dog barging though.
3. Recall – owner to distance themselves from the dog about 10 paces away and calls the dog. The dog must go straight back and the lead put back on.
4. Leave – dog to be able to leave an object or food.
5. Stay in one place in any position for 30 seconds with owner standing next to the dog.
6. Play – show that the owner knows how to play with the dog. Can be with a toy or scent cones; any activity involving the dog and owner together. No rough play.
7. Handling – to demonstrate that the dog will calmly allow the owner to handle it all over, including opening the month and allowing the paws to be inspected.
8. Meet and greet a person. Owner and dog walk up to a person and hold a short conversation of about 1 minute. The dog must be calm and not jump up, if the dog does attempt to jump the owner must control the dog and settle it again.

Churnet Valley Dog Training Intermediate Basic Training Achievement Certificate.

1. Walk on lead- walk on the lead about 30 paces including a circle, turns, walk through a gate and weaving through 6 cones.
2. Recall – from a distraction – toy- food- scent. Let the dog off the lead, walk around and call the dog from the distraction. Dog must return and handler attaches the lead.
4. Send to bed – place bed 5 paces away and send the dog to it. The dog must go into or onto the bed and lie down.
5. Distance control, the dog is left in down, the handler walks away for five paces and asks the dog to sit and lie down, the handler then returns to the dog.
6. Leave an item placed on the floor while walking past it.
7. Teach a trick or novel behaviour – shake a paw- high five- touch an object –find a toy etc
8. Stay- for two minutes with distractions.

CVDT Further Training Award - Level One
For those who have achieved the GCDS Gold award or want something more challenging to aim for.

1. Stay – two minute down stay withdistractions (a person walk around, handling food/toy) with one minute handlerout of sight (no distractions while the handler is out of sight).

2. Free walk – off the lead walk about 30 pacesincluding a circle, turns, walk through a gate and weaving through six cones.Distractions will be on the course.

3. Recall from two different distractions. Two different locations.

4. Send away and stop the dog. Two different locations.

5. Send away to a target of handlerschoice – cone- beermat, milk carton etc, not a bed. Send the dog from different directions.Handler sends the dog from the handler’s side. Dog in a wait and handler standsbehind the target. Dog in wait and handler stands between the dog and targetfive paces away from the line between the dog and target. Two different locations.

6. Distance control – the dog is left in down, thehandler is five paces away and asks the dog to sit and lie down. Two different locations.

7. Teach the dog a trick or novel behaviour – must be safe for the dog, handlerand others in class. Examples might be – a retrieve, find a toy, jump through ahoop, get in a box, shake a paw, scent work.

More levels will be added. silver stay

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